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International collaboration, concerts and education

The first CD, which contains the world premiere of several cantatas, was well received and prompted invitations from the U.S.

In December 2012, Accademia Amsterdam, Constanze Backes and Ludger Remy will be performing concerts in great venues in New York in collaboration with the professional choir Khorikos, directed by Jesse Peckham. The tour will visit Urbana Champaign (Chicago), New York, Boston, and Washington with a total of five to six concerts.

Along with these performances, Dutch and German musicians will teach master classes to students of the Juilliard School of Music in New York, The University Laboratory High School, and University  of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. The focus will be on the connection between Handel, his teacher, and the interpretation of baroque music. In Illinois, Accademia Amsterdam will be accompanying university choirs on Handel’s and Zachow's music with teachers Barbara Zachow and Dr. Alwes. The accompaniment of choirs is another way to exhibit the expertise of Accademia Amsterdam.

National Collaboration, concerts, education and documentation

In the Netherlands, Accademia Amsterdam will be collaborating with the new Nederlandse Bach Academie (Dutch Bach Academy - NBA)  in October 2012. This will be the NBA's first project: “Pupils and Masters”. We chose this collaboration because the NBA's goals correspond perfectly with those of Accademia Amsterdam: making early music accessible for a broad audience and finding and stimulating new talent. 

After auditions, young and talented singers will join the experts of Accademia Amsterdam: Constanze Backes and Ludger Remy. The ambitious Dutch conductor and director of the NBA, Hoite Pruiksma, will be coaching the singers.

The "masters" will teach master classes, focussing on the interpretation of baroque music with special attention focused on music of Zachow's time. Following this, there will be concerts in Dordrecht, The Hague and North of the Netherlands, home of the NBA. 

Another goal is to bring out a new selection of Zachow’s never recorded cantatas in order to reveal their "new" and beautiful harmonies. It has become clear that many people are looking forward to these recordings.  New CDs in the series will gain us more publicity and enlarge our audience. 

And interestingly enough, 2012 is Zachow's memorial year. There will be more information about this shortly.

Finance and fundraising

Recordings Zachow

The U.S. tour will mainly be covered by ticket sales. However, we are looking for additional funding to cover part of the cost of traveling and lodging. We also want to limit the risks. To accomplish this, we turn to funds that stimulate international collaboration and the export of Dutch expertise on this field. 

For the documentation in combination with the tour, we use a revolutionary way of fundraising: crowd funding. This is a relatively unknown phenomenon in the Netherlands, especially in the world of classical music. However, crowd funding is a recognized way of fundraising in the U.S. 

We expect to be able to cover a substantial part of costs by doing this. 

For the educational part in collaboration with NBA, we turn to regional and national funds. Because the NBA is an organization in the North of Holland, funds in the North will also be approached. The value of the educational part is obvious: young singers that focus on the interpretation of baroque music will receive coaching by a "master", and also get experience in recording CDs. 

The ‘’Stichting Amstel Muziekproducties" supports this project and is responsible for funding requests as a non-profit organization.

To bring this project to life, we collaborate with the Amstel Impresariaat and Opus Event Management and Trade. The U.S. tour will be organized by management organization DJ Greene.

Calendar 2012

bullet_zwPreperations: 2011
bullet_zw1st phase: 25 September till 8 October 2012 - master classes, concerts
bullet_zw2nd phase: 2013 - U.S. tour; New York City, Champaign-Urbana (Illinois)

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Order the CD

You can order the Zachow CD through the web shop. This helps to make the continuation of the project possible.

At, you can listen to tracks of the entire CD. Listen to and watch some excerpts below:


Meine Seel: erhebt den Herren, Coro (audio)

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Meine Seel: erhebt den Herren, Aria (audio)

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Meine Seel: erhebt den Herren, Sonata (video) Zachow - Meine seel' erlebt den Herren, Sonata (video)
Meine Seel: erhebt den Herren, Aria (video)
Herr, wenn ich nur dich habe, Aria (video) Zachow - Herr, wenn ich nur dich habe, Aria (video)
Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele, Sonata (video) Zachow - Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele, Sonata (video)


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